Monday, June 30, 2008

Method Man Weighs In On Soulja Boy/Ice-T Controversy

The Soulja Boy/Ice-T situation has not died yet. What this so-called "beef" has become is a huge talking point in the industry where everyone has said their piece regarding the situation. The latest to weigh in is none other than Method Man . Method Man appeared on Phoenix radio station Power 98.3’s The Nutz in the Morning show to lend his thoughts.

“It could get better,” Meth stated when addressing the state of Hip Hop today. “The state of music itself is in such turmoil because these kids have finally recognized their power. I’ve been telling them for years that they are the ones that have the power and set the trends. There doing it and they don’t even know they are doing it. All that downloading their doing is crippling the music industry.”
Meth went on to explain how some of these new trends have affected the quality of music.
“And that all trickles down into the quality of music and how the record labels conduct their business. The music is getting treated like fast food. There’s no movement in it anymore. No emcee, all rappers,” he continued.
Then the Ice-T/Soulja Boy situation was brought up and Method Man gave some interesting insight on the situation.
“ Ice-T is an OG he don’t need to be even addressing nothing like that but he felt the need to address it for the love of Hip Hop and all that and I respect that. But him being the status that he’s at he shouldn’t be addressing someone like Soulja Boy – nor should Snoop Dogg ,” he said. “But ( Soulja Boy ) is out there like that. If he wasn’t put out there like he was the truth I don’t think anyone would have a problem with him like that. Because lyrically he’s not the truth that’s no secret.”
But don’t get it confused, Johnny Blaze is not a fan. “These kids like him, so be it. Don’t hate on the little nigga, congratulate him,” he said before concluding with a final statement clearing him of liking Mr. Crank Dat 's music. “Don’t get me wrong though…I’m not bigging up Soulja Boy . I think the nigga sucks too! I think he’s garbage. I don’t think everybody should be blaming him for the state of Hip Hop right now. It’s not solely his fault.”
Method Man and Redman are currently in the studio working on their next collaboration together. No date has been set for the release.

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