Sunday, June 29, 2008

Obie Trice Off Of Shady Records?

Last week, a rumor surfaced on Hip Hop blog that Shady/Interscope artist Obie Trice had been dropped from his label.
Allegedly, a friend of Aftermath artist Bishop Lamont discovered that Trice had been "dropped off of the label for unknown reasons."
Trice, who was scheduled to release his third solo album Bottoms Up this year, released a track addressing the situation. The song, titled "The Giant," [ click to listen ] addresses the situation:
" Well, no more Shady. Guess it was meant/For me to branch off from my Caucasian friend/Nope, no more 2nd place to Eminem/Question if i was 2nd is the question to many men/No disrespect to Em, he's first/Anything after, research the verses ."
Though Obie's debut Cheers went platinum, his following album Second Round's On Me was hampered by controversy surrounding the "stop snitching music," preventing the emcee's lead single to receive air play.



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