Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Weezy Didn’t Understand Jay’s Mr. Carter Verse

Tha Carter 3, Mr.Carter

I’m right, cheah
In my chair
With my crown, with my dear
Queen Bee, as I share
Mic time, with my heir
Young Carter
Go farther
Go further
Go harder
Is that not
Why we came? and if not,
Then why bother?

The biggest rapper in the world pays him a huge compliment and this fucking kid doesn’t even catch it until somebody points it out.

From a Q&A Rolling Stone did with Wayne:

On “Mr. Carter,” Jay-Z calls you “my heir, Young Carter” — that had to feel pretty cool.
That line right there was hard! Unbelievable. I didn’t even realize it at first. My homie had to tell me “You know what he said, right?” I didn’t even get it. I was like, “Why is he saying ‘air’? Is he just talking about the air?” But I’m smart enough to know that he’s smart enough not to just be talking about the air. I felt real dumb, but then I felt so good. It was an incredible compliment.

Smh...Lil Wayne should feel honored to be recognized by the Great Jay-Z. Only a few rappers have the opportunites he had on the "Mr.Carter" track. But what can you expect from a low lyrical skilled rapper. Weezy needs to read more. LOL.

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