Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Young Buck Recorded Pleading With 50 Cent

Just days after footage leaked of Young Buck yelling " fuck G-Unit! " during a live show, an audio recording of the Tennessee rapper pleading with 50 Cent over the phone was released.
In the first two parts of the audio recording, which were obtained and posted by Hot 97's Miss Info , a audibly emotional Buck tried to explain that he wasn't similar to previous artists who had left G-Unit. “ I done said things and I’m aware of some of the things that I have said but I don't want you to feel like I'm a Game or Smurf or none of them niggas man.  Even if you did the worst to me there is nothing I could ever say to you,” said Buck .  “I'm that type of nigga.  I'm serious.  I couldn't even write a negative rhyme in my mind, in my train of thought about you.  I understand I got out  of check but I don’t know what to do because it seems once a nigga scar you, it’s hard to heal your wound. ”
" I don't want you to dismember me from the crew ," said Buck . " I've not said nothing out here in the media-other than me putting in the statements of 'I'm my own man creating my own thing,' but I have never dismembered myself from the family. "
When asked by 50 Cent as to who came up with the idea for Buck to start Cashville records, Buck admitted, “ You gave me the idea and that’s what I explain in all my interviews .”
In the second audio clip, Buck spoke to 50 about his financial problems. " My whole goal is to actually get back what I've paid for you and hopefully I can actually get that shit back-work out the kinks," he continued. "I know [ Lloyd ] Banks and [ Tony ] Yayo gotta feel a certain way towards me 'cause of the way shit is and just iron shit out and hopefully get back to the G-Unit record. Outside of what I owe you, you got tax time rolling around-and my taxes. I still owe money from last year's taxes. It's so many other debts that I'm in for as far as the last year and this year's about to roll around. "
“ I’m confused. I'm handling it wrong, ” admitted Buck . " I have gotten out of line with you. I swear to God I have. I'm wrong. A nigga just be confused .”
50 responded to the tirade, seemingly consoling Buck. " You gonna be all right, you hear me. You gotta be able to stay closer to me, Buck , so you don't fuck up. We'll fix the shit. You just got to stay closer to the space 'cause there ain't no-it's not gonna happen. Shit is different, Buck , and if you don't stay closer to what's going on it's gonna fuck up. Tony's been the safest one, you know why? He's been staying closer. "

That's sad how 50 recorded Buck to humiliate to the public. Buck was only trying to be truthful. 50 is going to use this recording to his promote his album..maybe?? But that was real crud 50. Grow up. Btw Yayo is his sex slave lol he said it himself..."Tony's been the safest one, you know why? He's been staying closer. "... LoL.. Closer in what means hmmmmm

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