Thursday, July 03, 2008

50 Cent Talks About Young Buck's Future At G-Unit

After presumably beefing with Young Buck , 50 Cent now says there will be no war. Although the two traded jabs at each other in concerts, a leaked track, a leaked phone conversation and radio interviews, 50 now says he has no intentions of beefing with Buck , adding that he cannot make himself view his old partner as an enemy.
" Buck is a disappointment for me, " 50 Cent told MTV this week. " I treated him like a younger brother. ... He's not a enemy now. He's like a relative that decides to do something to you that you're uncomfortable with, so you don't bring him around you. I don't view Buck as my enemy. If he feels that way about me, those are his personal feelings. I wouldn't be surprised if he felt that [I was his enemy]. He's like my younger brother — even if he sees me in this interview saying it to him — he won't understand. He'll just go on how it feels ."
After being asked why he released the phone conversation, 50 explained.
" I couldn't tell you the things he told me in that conversation. You'd think I'm just being angry. [But] I play you the tape and you get it for yourself so much more vividly. "
50 faced some criticism from different people for leaking the conversation. When asked how he felt when certain bloggers called him a " bitch ass, " 50 fired back.
" For them to say that, they don't understand the dynamics of what's going on. Ask me, do I care about a blogger? A person who has time to say that was a bitch ass move is a bitch ass nigga. I thought that was an official move. Right now I don't wanna be disrespectful to Young Buck . But how do you respond to the disrespect he's displaying? "
According to Fif , Buck is still technically in G-Unit . Therefore, 50 says there will be no beef when discussing the business aspect of their relationship.
" He'll still get his fair shot at releasing his album. Listen, he just did a show and only 20 people showed up. If that's not an indication that what you're doing is a mistake, I don't know what is. "

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