Friday, July 04, 2008

Nas vs. 50 Cent...Ether 2???

Nas Is Coming . As if 50 Cent doesn't have enough enemies to contend with - Young Buck, The Game , Fat Joe and Shaniqua Tompkins - Nas is throwing his hat in the ring as another adversary for the G-Unit general. Apparently Nas is finally ready to take aim at Fif after being on the receiving end of many insults over the past few years. On the track "Queens Get The Money" from his much anticipated album Untitled , Nas seemingly fires a dart at the fellow Queens native. Though he doesn't directly call out 50, it can be assumed from lyrics like this.

"Niggas is still hatin/talkin that Nas done fell off with rhyming /he'd rather floss with diamonds/they pray please god let him spit that oozie in the army lining that shorty doo-wop rolling oowops in the park reclining take twenty-seven mc's put em /in a line and they out of alignment/my assignment said she said retirement hiding behind 8 Mile and The Chronic/get rich but dies rhyming/this is high science/now add 23 more from queens to b'more/i'm over they heads like a bulimic on a seesaw/now that's 50 porch monkeys ate up at the same time"

Uh oh. Could we be on the verge of "Ether 2?" 50 better be careful here. He has to take into account he's never been to war with anyone like Nas. While he's bumped heads (pause) with Ja Rule , Fat Joe, Jadakiss , The Game, and now Young Buck, Nas has been to battle with Notorious B.I.G and Jay-Z. There is no question Escobar would be his toughest lyrical competition to date.

Where are the G-Unit soldiers? Talk to me. Is 50 about to be ethered or is Nas about to be one dead "n*gger?"

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Blogger LaSep7imaBestia said...

Nas is trying to make $200,000 for child support to the BITCH he chose to get a tattoo of. He's bitter, and need quick come up.
50 Cent, an under cover cop... shit! I say 2 dead Niggers!!!

Holla' at me!

September 28, 2010 at 4:36 AM  
Blogger LaSep7imaBestia said...

First Nas "disses" Jay-Z to make a come up, and now he's suckin' Jay-Z's dick trying to a different route to illuminate? Goddamned house-nigger is a phony, and 2Pac saw it!
All of these house-niggers are fake ass people desperately trying to shine.
The realist in the GAME is DEADiSideShow! Boom!
Holla' at me!

September 28, 2010 at 4:40 AM  

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