Friday, July 18, 2008

Paul Wall Goes Into [Tattoo] Detox Business

Houston rapper Paul Wall has broke new ground by introducing the first ever tattoo detox geared to remove heavy metals in inks.

According to his press release, the new product “Tattoo Detox” is the latest addition to his Grills line specially formulated to combat heavy metals and cleanse the blood. Aiming to help eliminate the toxins found in tattoo ink, it is taken orally and is said to leave the tats in perfect condition.

“I love my tattoos, but I was really upset to find out tattoo ink contains toxic metals,” Paul said in the statement. “Fortunately I found Tattoo Detox, and it’s all good now. I can get as many tats as I want and a few drops of Tattoo Detox a day keeps me feeling great.”

The idea originally came from Wall’s father, Michael Slayton , who cautiously seeks alternative health methods. His research showed proved tattoo ink is not regulated which often mean heavy toxins are likely to show up in people’s blood system, ultimately leading the rapper to pursue a detox product.

More information on Wall’s new tattoo line may be found at .



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