Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Racist South African Students Tricked Black Cleaners In Eatin Dog Food w/ Urine!

University of the Free State students tricked cleaners into eating what looks like dog food, mixed with garlic and urine with the promise of a bottle of whiskey. They then filmed the video and put it online. The four now face criminal charges.Courtesy of Observers


ShoeKeeper. {freshest wht boy}

yo!!! Im not even gona fake...he has the best collection I have eva seen so far...
Only one thing that bugged me bout this video...WHY doesnt he look at the camera for except the closing of the video...
camera shy likeeeeeeee. lls.


Kanye West - Flashing Lights

i like the song...but the video was confusing.


Jay-Z - I Know

wtf jay...da video made no sense...TITE song tho.


LOL. Fat Joe gettin Back @ 5-0snitch&Gay Unit lol

Photoshop has now become the biggest tool for rap beef now. That can't be Lloyd Banks because he has a lot of tattoos on his hand. Obviously thats Ciara hands and body with Banks face on it. But I cant really make clear of the other pics but I am sure they are more gay photoshop pics of 50 and company. I remember when 50 had a mixtape of Game in his striper album but never did I expect Gay-Unit DVD.

LOL...look at Banks...soo GAY...LLS!

FAT JOE won this one...lol

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new blog. new stuff. new me.

As you may already know...I had another blog on freewebs.com...dat blog was for my personal use...I didn't want the whole world know about me...anyways..I started this blogger.

This blog is gona cover many aspects...from the music industry, the fashion runway and the tech savvy field.

Stay tuned for future posts.

-the infamouz. [M]arveno