Saturday, July 12, 2008

Spike Lee: "Jealousy" Behind Jackson Remark About Obama

The fallout behind Jesse Jackson’s remarks about Barack Obama continues this weekend, with veteran filmmaker Spike Lee saying that “jealousy” may have fueled the now infamous “I want to cut his nuts off” comment.
"I’m very disappointed in Jesse Jackson. These old heads, I don't know why they're doing this stuff," Lee told EUR Web .
The comment, which was caught by Fox News during a break surfaced earlier this week. Jackson says he did not know his microphone was still on.
"I think jealousy has to be somewhere in there. I read today that even Jesse Jackson's son, Jesse Jr., is upset about his father's comments. There's no place for that and I think it's really making Jesse look bad. I haven't heard anybody say cut the man's nuts off but Jesse,” Lee added.
Lee’s most telling comment came later, saying what many have been thinking—and saying—for years: that Jackson’s time in the spotlight is coming to a close.
"In life, sometimes you have your moment,” he says. "You have your window that lies upon you and then it leaves. This is not Jesse's time right now. This is Barack Obama's time, and I think he's having a problem with that."
Jackson offered an immediate apology for his “crude and hurtful” remarks and Obama accepted.

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Lil Wayne Involved In Scuffle & Arrested?

There are conflicting reports coming from all over that Lil Wayne was arrested last night. None of these have been confirmed but with so many sources involved, one has to be curious as to what happened.
One of the sources ( Uptown Media ) claims that Wayne was arrested on one count of second degree aggravated assault, one count of disturbing the peace and two counts of possession of a firearm. Alleged eyewitnesses say the incident occurred at Club Dream in New Orleans where Weezy got into a physical altercation with a local artist by the name of Lil Dee .
“The two exchanged words and Lil' Wayne got out of his lounge chair and started to proceed out of VIP. The eyewitness then states that Lil' Dee grappled Lil' Wayne 's arm and turned him around,” the source reveals. “ Lil' Wayne 's bodyguard then attempted to stop the young man, but the eyewitness says that Lil' Wayne just laughed and said quote unquote, 'What you gonna do to me uhhhhh Im the fucking man of this city!' Thats when Lil' Wayne pushed Lil' Dee and attempted to leave VIP again. The eyewitness then stated that Lil' Dee grabbed Lil' Wayne once more and without a moments hesitation punched him in the face. Lil' Wayne was knocked down and everyone in the section went crazy.”
Cops allegedly were called in and arrested both men for aggravated assault and disturbing the peace. Wayne was found with two unregistered handguns and was immediately handcuffed and taken to jail. A mugshot has been floating around the internet but it is unclear if this is an older mugshot taken from a previous arrest.
What makes the story even more hazy is that another source has said that the incident happened in Austin TX and not New Orleans.
A representative at Universal was unsure if anything transpired at press time and there has been no comments as of yet from Wayne ’s camp.